Betty and Ciso:- Betty is our lymphatic massages therapist and Manager. She has extensive experience in Lymphatic Massage care. Ciso is also a manager of the house. He is a multi-talented guy who is available for all the required roles in the house.

Betty Nurse

Betty:- This is Betty our lymphatic massages therapist.


Cynthia:- This is Cynthia our Head nurse and lymphatic massage therapist.

Ciso Owner Recovery House

This is Ciso the house managers and house driver too, he speaks English is loyal and drive safe too, also he take care of anything for you like go or take you to the store or pharmacy is to get your medication. His contact is 1 829 767 1084.

Ruben Driver Recovery House

This is our driver Ruben, he knows where all doctors offices are, knows everyone and take you everywhere you need to go, he is trustful, loyal and safe. His English is not perfect but he speaks and understands English.

Esperanza Chef

Chef:- Our chef Esperanza. She is experienced in multi-cuisine. You will love the food prepared by her during your stay at our house.

Damaris House Keeper

House Keeper:- Damaris is our house keeper in the house. She will help you with cleanness of your room and will take care of other stuff as well.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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