When you are undergoing plastic surgery, you might face some complications like Hematoma, Seroma, Blood Loss, Infection, organ damage, etc. For Some people, it is very scary so you must aware of both the benefits and risks.

However, these complications are rare, but still, you should take care of yourself and consider visiting a recovery house. At Bettyrh BC, We are providing best post op surgery recovery services.

Whenever you have a plan of cosmetic and plastic surgery then there is only one destination and that is the Dominican Republic. The Caribbean country has many houses offering these services Bettyrh BC is one of those houses who are providing both the services. We have in- house surgeon as well as highly experienced nursing care staff for post op recovery. Best Plastic surgeon like Doctora Duran, doctor Cabral, doctor Mercedes, doctora Disla, doctor Soto & Doctor Mora are also available on demand. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you.